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The Secret Language of Dogs Book Review

Monday night I turned to trusty old Amazon for a new dog book. Victoria Stilwell: The Secret Language of Dogs is the one which jumped out at me.

I am a typical judge a book by its cover kinda girl, there is no denying that one. So with a friendly front cover and a nice looking dog on the front, that is the one which went in my basket.

I bought a hardcover version for the first time in a long time, as I finally converted to the Kindle App when I had an iPad a couple of Christmas’s ago.

So excitedly I decided bugger the price (3 times more expensive than the Kindle version) I wanted a book I could physically hold.

As am Amazon Prime member, the new book was delivered to work on Tuesday, excitedly I unwrapped the packaging and there it was, my new book. After showing my colleagues and being far to over excited I then couldn’t wait to get home and start reading.

Victoria Stilwell

After getting home, my pyjama bottoms went on, so did the kettle and that was me done for the next few hours. What more could I want on a rather chilly Tuesday evening.

The book took me just over 2 hours to read, consisting of 13 chapters and 160 pages cover to cover.

What is The Secret Language of Dogs about?

The book itself gives a general insight to what is perceived to be going on in your dogs mind. This consisted of everything from what types of personality your dog has (Loving, Thinking, Emotional and Sensing dog) right the way through to how to tell what different barks mean and finally why some of our beloved fury friends eat poop.

Chapter Titles

  1. The Loving Dog
  2. The Thinking Dog
  3. The Emotional Dog
  4. The Sensing Dog
  5. Lateral Thinking
  6. The Language of Socialisation
  7. The Language of Fear
  8. the Language of Aggression
  9. the Language of Vocalisation
  10. The Language of Pain
  11. The Language of Ageing
  12. Strange Behaviour Explained
  13. How to Speak Dog

I particularly enjoyed chapter 12. I could relate pretty much every part of this chapter to Storm (including the poop eating…Yes very gross)

The Secret Language of Dogs opens on an introduction about training techniques and the difference between Punitive Training (punishing your dog when he doesn’t do what you want) and Positive Training (Using fear-free techniques to train your dog)

Throughout the book, Victoria talks about how you dogs sense of smell functions, did you know your dog has approximately 250 million sent receptors in his nose? I didn’t!

How your dog see’s – a myth buster of the age old saying, dogs can only see in black & white, this is not true!

Also she goes into how your dog taste things and how they hear. Its all fascinating stuff.

I was extremely intrigued when Victoria discusses Paw Preference in Chapter 5, this has led me to constantly look at Storm to see which side is his preference, left or right, I still haven’t figured that one out yet.

Final Thoughts

Not wanting to give to much away about this book, as I do not want to spoil it for when you read it.

The book itself is a relatively easy read, with some stunning pictures all the way through. The text is a good size (I didn’t have to wear my glasses)

I found this book to be very informative and an eye opener in parts. It is a refreshing read, and tries to combat the old style way of punishment training.

This book will not teach you how to train your dog, so if you want a how to train your dog book, this is not the one your looking for. However if you want to learn more about your dogs behaviour and the reasons to why they do certain things then I highly recommend this book for you.

I would give this book easily 4 stars out of 5.

For more information on Victoria Stilwell check out her website

If this little review has been helpful, then feel free to click the link below to purchase through Amazon

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