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A Healthier Alternative To Shop Bought Dog Treats

Have you ever thought about the calories or the sugar content in shop bought dog treats? No? Don’t worry I hadn’t either, until we had to take a routine trip to the vet. That is what got me thinking about A Healthier Alternative To Shop Bought Dog Treats.

Storm is 99% motivated by his belly, there is no denying this. As a rescue dog the easy option at the time was to train Storm using food.

As most of us know, the more “bad” food we eat the more likely we will end up gaining weight. Well this is the same with dogs.

Storm is a muscular dog as standard due to his breed, but we had noticed he was starting to pile on the pounds. The shocking moment came to me when at that routine vet check I was told that Storm was overweight!

At Storm’s heaviest he weight 23kg! That’s 3.6 Stone or 50.7lb. Now that was a shock to the system. I couldn’t understand how such an active dog was pretty much 3kg overweight.

The vet asked me about the food Storm eats and I explained we use a Swedish brand called Husse. Its a low calorie food which is measured out twice a day. Then the real question came, the vet asked me about Storms treats.

I have to be honest I would have never thought about the “tit-bits” Storm was getting, but when the Vet told me that one pigs ear was the equivalent to 3 Iced Ring Doughnuts I almost fell over there and then!

Click here to see the flyer which the vet showed me. I will let you see for yourself, as it is rather shocking.

After a long discussion and a few tears, I decided enough was enough. That was the moment I started looking for A Healthier Alternative To Shop Bought Dog Treats.

A Healthier Alternative To Shop Bought Dog Treats.

My way of finding A Healthier Alternative To Shop Bought Dog Treats was to start looking into different Fruit and Vegetables which were safe for dogs to eat.

I was surprised at how many different Fruits and Vegetables were safe for Storm, and even more surprised when Storm loved them!

So here is a list of Storms favourite fruits and vegetables.

Storms Favourite Fruits

Raspberries – Contains Vitamin C, Fibre & Manganese (Does contain Xylitol so only give now and again)

Strawberries – Full of Vitamin C and good for healthy Teeth!

Banana – Full of Potassium, Manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Fibre, Biotin and Copper.

Apples – High in Fibre, Low in Fat!

Mango – Who would have thought it packed with Vitamin A, B6, C & E (Do not feed your dog the skin or the stone!)

Storms Favourite Vegetables

Carrots – Low Calorie, High Fibre & Full of Vitamins

Cucumber – Storm Loves Cucumber, especially frozen in an Ice Cube!

Sweet Potato – Low in fat, sweet, full of vitamins

Broccoli – high Fibre with Vitamins K & C

Grass – Yes Grass! People say dogs eat grass to make themselves sick. In Storms case he eats grass because one he clearly likes the taste, and two I fully believe he was a cow in a previous life!

A Healthier Alternative To Shop Bought Dog Treats – The Change!

It’s been a long process, weight loss usually is. Anyone who is like myself and has dieted knows that losing weight is a slow process. You didn’t put the weight on overnight so your not going to loose it over night.

This is the same for dogs. But after making small changes, and substituting Storms rawhide for a carrot and taking Cucumber & Strawberries to training instead of shop bought treats I am pleased to say that as of today Storm weighs 20.5kg (3.2stone or 45.1lb)

Obviously Storm still gets “tit-bits” here and there but just for making small changes Storm has become a healthier and happier dog.

So whether like Storm your dog suffers with weight problems or if you just want to mix up your dogs treats why don’t you try it. Have a look for A Healthier Alternative To Shop Bought Dog Treats!

Also, take a look at My Homemade Dog Treats for another Healthier Alternative To Shop Bought Dog Treats

A Healthier Alternative To Shop Bought Dog Treats

Disclaimer: I am not a vet, this is only about what has worked for Storm. These foods work well for Storm but may not for you dog. If you have queries about your dogs diet or have concerns about the food which your dog eats then please speak to your vet.






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    1. There are some really tasty fruits out there. Have you seen the homemade dog biscuits post as well because there pretty healthy too and you know exactly what’s going in them x

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