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Dog Friendly Cornwall

Well it’s that time of year when the Summer Holidays are approaching and you want to go on holiday. But where and how do you take your dog with you? There is a simple answer to this, and that is Dog Friendly Cornwall.

Last year we decided to holiday in the UK, something which is unusual for us. But with a big holiday this year we decided to cut some costs. With this in mind we started looking for somewhere we could take Storm.

Cornwall kept popping up. We stumbled upon a lovely little farm cottage called Carnsew, based in St. Erth. This beautiful little converted stone barn is located roughly 6 miles from St. Ives, and is dog friendly. Cornwall

I booked this little gem of a place through Holiday Cottages–st-erth

With the cottage booked it was then time to start panicking, I am a self confessed worrier. I had never taken Storm on holiday before and had no idea where to start.

I spent hours online trying to work out the best and least stressful way to take Storm on the 6 hour journey.

My Top Tips For Taking Your Dog To Dog Friendly Cornwall

Take Your Dogs Bed

There is nothing more comforting than your own bed. That is the same for your dog. Your dogs bed is their safe haven, its their security blanket. I would suggest that even if the holiday cottage you book says they will provide a dog bed its best to take your own.

Pack Their Favourite Toys

I went a little overboard with this, and took the whole toy box. Storm changes his mind on toys depending on the day of the week. So we just took them all. Most of his toys were packed into the boot with a couple of his real favourites in the back of the car with him.

Don’t Forget The Food

This might sound obvious, but think about how long you are going for. Be sure to pack enough food for the duration of your holiday. I put storms food into portions, to save taking the whole 15kg bag. I also packed a couple of extra bags just in case.

Lots of Water

Our journey was a long one, and in August it was hot. We packed a 5 Litre bottle in the car so Storm could stay hydrated. I also packed a collapsible bowl, these are a god send.

Purchase one here!

Dog Treats

Every dog owner knows the real way to your dogs heart is with some really tasty treats. When your dog starts to get grumpy and you are stuck on the motorway, always have a little bribe to hand. Storm loves Schmackos!

Poop Bags

Yes, OK this seems so obvious, but I’m sure you have been caught out before in the middle of a field without a poop bag. Can you imagine being in this situation when you have turned up at a service station?

Grab your Poop Bags now, while your thinking about it.

Make Regular Stops

Even if you don’t take my advise on anything else I have written this one is imperative. Storm likes to stretch his legs every couple of hours. Its great for me because that means coffee. But all joking aside, your dog needs to be let out of the car. Service Stations are great there is always a grassy area to walk your dog. These days most service stations also have outside coffee and food vendors too so there is absolutely NO REASON AT ALL to leave your dog in a hot car!

Dog Friendly Cornwall My Final Thoughts

Dog Friendly Cornwall is a great place to go on holiday with your dog. You will find Dog Friendly cafe’s, coffee shops, and a host of other amenities where you can take your dog inside.

St. Ives has some brilliant beach to take your dog on. Click on this link to see an information sheet about taking your dog on the beach.

You can also take your dog on the Train and on local busses, however Park & Ride busses do not allow you dog on them.

Your dog can go on the train free of charge but must be kept on a lead or in a basket. The same applies for busses. Again this is just another example of how Dog Friendly Cornwall really is.

The only other advice I would give, is remember that your holiday is for you and your dog to enjoy. There are going to be new sounds and smells for your dog to get used to. They are going to be staying in a new place, give them time to adjust and explore.

Enjoy being with your dog and creating lots of memories, we sure did.

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