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Exploring Haughmond Hill Shropshire

Exploring Haughmond Hill Shropshire, a visitors guide. Another weekend has passed, and hump day is here. So it’s time to reflect on last Saturdays walk around Haughmond Hill.

Part of the Forestry Commission England, Haughmond Hill is made up of 4 walking routes, and is accessible to everyone.

The Geo Trail and Corbett Trail are suitable for mobility scooters and buggies, where as Wilfred’s Walk and Henry’s Hike are longer walks and can be rocky.

More information on the different walking routes can be found here.

A normal walk for us doesn’t usually follow any of the routes suggested. We tend to just start wondering around until we get to the end. However if you do need a more structured walk you will find a map at the car-park.

Haughmond Hill

Haughmond Hill is very dog friendly, you can let your dogs off the lead here. It is clearly sign posted when you need to put you dogs back on their leads. Dogs are required to be on a lead when you head back to the car-park. I assume this is more a safety reason, as in the Summer there can be a lot of cars around. Haughmond HillThe picture above also shows the walking trails which are colour coded. On the few occasions we have got lost around Haughmond Hill we stick to the Blue Footprint. I have no idea if this is a long or a short walk but it always gets us back to the car-park.

The Views…Oh The Views

There are some beautiful sites to be seen on Haughmond Hill including the views of the Shropshire Hills when you get to the top. As much as Haughmond Hill is classed as a hill, it is not a hard walk. You do not feel like you are walking uphill as the gradient is pretty low.

Haughmond Hill can be very muddy in the Autumn and Winter, you will need your wellies! However in the Spring and Summer the ground is dry and is very pleasant. We were not so lucky on Saturday, the three of us ended up very wet, and went home with a very muddy Storm.

Haughmond Hill Recently Haughmond Hill have developed the Gruffalo Spotters Trail. This is great if you have little ones with you on your walk.

From 1st April, follow clues and collect evidence as you search for the Gruffalo along the Gruffalo Spotters trail! Bring the characters to life before your eyes with The Gruffalo Spotter free app, or gather clues with an Evidence Kit.

Again you will find lots of information about the Gruffalo Spotters Trail here.

Haughmond Hill

Haughmond Hill is a fab day out with the dog and family, take a picnic and get an ice-cream from the cafe. Alternative take a stroll to the top and admire the stunning views across Shropshire.

Facilities at Haughmond Hill

  • Baby Change Facilities
  • Toilets
  • Cafe (Open 7 days a week 9am – 3pm)
  • Leaflets with maps of the Hill are available to buy from the cafe for 80p.
  • Parking cost £1 per day.
  • There are numerous picnic tables in the car park and a couple on the front of the Hill on Wilfred’s Walk.

Family Activities

These are just a few activity sheets which you can download before your walk.

  1. Trees To Look For
  2. Wildlife To Look For
  3. The Forest Cycle

Please Note

Haughmond Hill is a working forest so you may see that tress have been cut down. But don’t worry, someone asked why this happens and the Forestry Commission gave this response

Haughmond Hill is a working forest which means the trees are planted as a crop and to be cut down. The timber goes to timber mills to produce wood products and fuel. Some of the Pine trees in the car park were suffering from a disease so we removed them earlier than planned. But don’t worry we are going to replace them this winter with fruiting trees which will be happier around the car park.

We recommend this walk to everyone, Storm loves being a free range dog here and gets into all sorts of mischief. So if you are coming to Shropshire any time soon, be sure to spend some time at this hidden gem.

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  1. OMG The Gruffalo, my kids would love it their. And as a dog owner I really appreciate finding out about the dog friendliness of places!

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