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Free Ice Cream For Dogs Mr Tee King Of Desserts

Every dog owner knows that most dogs love an Ice Cream. And who better to go to than Mr Tee King Of Desserts!

So what better on a warm evening that to visit Mr Tee – King Of Deserts.

Mr Tee travels the UK pulling up his Ice Cream Vans on supermarket car parks. Providing the public with delicious Ice Cream.

Sunday night he came to Asda at Telford, so we decided why not treat ourselves.

We decided to take Storm with us, as he is a dog who loves an ice-cream (maybe a little but too much)

Mr Tee's Ice Cream

We made our order at one of the two vans, but before that Storm was given a FREE Ice-Cream.

Our order was:

  1. Chocolate Heaven 24/7
  2. Sweet & Salty Caramel Surprise

Mr Tee King Of Desserts Mr Tee King Of Desserts







I have to say these are the best Ice Creams we have ever had.

Mr Tee was a lovely man, who really does love dogs, so much so he then gave Storm another FREE Ice Cream so he could post a video to Facebook.

After receiving our Ice Creams we did what most people do and went back to our car to devour them.

Don’t get me wrong, Mr Tee’s Ice-Cream always beats me, I can never finish them. They are MASSIVE!

Huge 10 out of 10 for this company, such a quirky idea, and fabulous desserts.

Why go to Mr Tee King Of Desserts?

  • He has the BEST Ice-Cream around
  • Loads of Choice
  • Its a Treat
  • Free Ice-Cream for Dogs who queue with you
  • Friendly & Quick Service
  • Good price for what you get

Keep an Eye our for Mr Tee King Of Desserts

Follow Mr Tee King Of Desserts – Original and BEST on Facebook to see when he is coming to your town.

We will be back, as soon as your back in Telford, without a doubt!

Mr Tee King Of Desserts - Original and BEST

10 thoughts on “Free Ice Cream For Dogs Mr Tee King Of Desserts”

  1. Ice-cream heaven! Those look really good. Because I have no pets I didn’t know dogs love ice-cream, haha. Storm is such a cool name for a dog! And I think Mr. Tee is the coolest dessert king for giving free ice-cream to dogs.

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