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Kennel Club Good Citizen Award 

So, it’s been a while Storm and I have just been so busy lately but I thought it was time to write about The Kennel Club Good Citizen Award. 

When you think Kennel Club the first thing which comes to mind is what? For me it was 

  1. Crufts
  2. Pedigree dogs

Obviously Storm is not a pedigree he is a pure Heinz Variety and that’s just the way I like him. He is also not worthy of crufts. So the question is why does he go to Kennel Club training?

Thats simple, because I enjoy it and it keeps him on his toes. As you all know Storm had amazing training with Gavin from GB Dog Training. If you haven’t read that post it’s a good one have a look here.

But one thing I have noticed is Storm get bored and when he is bored he gets lazy with his training. 

I wanted something different, something where I had something to show for our hard work. Something more than just a well trained dog. That’s right I wanted a certificate. 

So Kennel Club Good Citizen Award was just what I meant was looking for. Not only could Storm keep up to date with his training and manners every 6 weeks we had the opportunity to be assessed. And in return for a pass you get a certificate to show how well your dog is doing. 

There are four categories for Kennel Club Good Citizen Award 

  • Puppy 
  • Bronze 
  • Silver 
  • Gold

 A couple of weeks ago Storm passed his Bronze with flying colours. 

Kennel club good citizen

To pass his Bronze he had to walk to heal for at least 30 paces, walk through a gate and also stay in one position for 60 seconds. He also had to show that he could recall when asked off his lead. 

Now this doesn’t sound like a lot but imagine how much it takes for your dog to do all of that while being watched by a stranger. As well as being in a room with another 6 dogs. That’s a lot of work for his little brain to process. 

We have now moved onto the silver class which brings more challenges.  Including a stay for 2 minutes and being able to sit calmly when approached by someone else with food… This will be hard. 

Our Kennel Club Good Citizen Award takes place on a Sunday morning. It’s an hours training a week and is good value for money. 

Even without the certificates it’s a great way to train your dog in a class environment. 

I would still 100% recommend one to one training when you get a dog because I personally believe you get more out of it. But for a Sunday morning this is a bit of fun which keeps Storms brain ticking over nicely. 

However that is only my opinion I am in no way an expert. 

We are looking forward to being able to try for Silver in a few weeks time and hopefully have another certificate to add to the collection. 

I will be sure to post with more details when he passes that one. 

But for now it’s time for Storm to dream of chasing squirrels. 

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