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Why I Chose GB Dog Training

So, you have your new Rescue Dog all settled in, but where do you start with training? I thought I would share my with you Why I Chose GB Dog Training.

When Storm arrived in our home, I wont lie, he was hard work. Storm had been in the rescue centre for 8 months before coming home with us. To say the least Storm was a little bit feral.

Storm spent the first 4 to 6 weeks chewing thedoor frames, having accidents all over the place and howling throughout the night. I must say, he no longer does any of the above.

I tried so hard to get Storm to play the game, but no matter what I tried I felt like a failure.

Storm pulled me so hard on the lead I thought he would dislocate my shoulder. He wouldn’t re-call when off the lead, and he would never give his toys up. Getting a toy from Storm was a full blown WWE Fight.

It was time to take action! Nothing else had worked so it was time to call in the big guns!

GB Dog Training

One 2 One Training with GB Dog Training UK

After realising group puppy classes weren’t really going to work for Storm, and shouting at him definitely wasn’t going to work either I started looking at other options.

This is how I found Gavin at GB Dog Training I found Gavin on Facebook

I messaged Gavin and gave him a little bit of information about Storm, including his background in chewing everything, and his constant lead pulling. Gavin assured me this was something we could combat together.

I booked our first One 2 One training session, and couldn’t wait to get started. Gavin had assured me that all hope was not lost and Storm was completely trainable.

So on a cold November day Gavin came to the house, fully prepared for his first encounter with Storm. In true Storm fashion he jumped all over Gavin, trying to grab his wrist in his mouth (this used to be his way of saying hello) Gavin very professionally ignored Storm, and on the odd occasion used his folder to softly move Storm away. This was our first lesson – Stop Storm jumping up.

GB Dog Training

Gavin spent our first lesson observing Storm in the home, and we learnt the very valuable words “Leave It” within the first hours session I had learnt how to get Storm to drop a toy when told to, and also the techniques of how to stop him jumping up people.

Our second and third lesson were outside, we are lucky enough to have a large football field across from the house, so our training took place there.

Using a training lead, we learnt re-call, sit and wait and general manners – which Storm was lacking.

Three lessons, that’s all it took! Just three lessons. I wish I had known about GB Dog Training before paying for puppy classes.

GB Dog Training

My Final Thoughts on Why I Chose GB Dog Training

Gavin is one of kind, and I recommend him to everyone I meet. He has helped so many dog owners who are at breaking point with their dogs, this man really is the dog whisperer.

Gavin has over 30 years experience, and also organises Socialisation Walks for dogs and their owners which I have again participated in and found to be really useful.

So what are you waiting for, contact GB Dog Training now! To me, the only trainer you will ever need.


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